Aktualizacja Path w App Store

Jedna z najładniejszych, a zarazem najbardziej nieprzydatnych aplikacji na iOS dostała właśnie aktualizację do iOS 7.

Mowa tu o Path. Doczekał się on w końcu aktualizacji, poza oczywistymi zmianami dyktowanymi wyglądem iOS 7 przybyło trochę funkcji. Dzięki Path możecie w piękny sposób dzielić się z wybranymi znajomymi wydarzeniami z waszego życia, zdjęciami, czy samymi wpisami.

Pełna lista zmian, w języku angielskim, poniżej.


  • Messaging: The fast, fun, and private way to message your family and friends one-to-one or in small groups. Use text, audio, media, stickers, your location, and more!
  • Journal: Capture your thoughts, photos, videos, places, music, movies, books, and even your sleep. All in one place. Your Path is your life.
  • Share: Share your life with family and friends in a trusted environment that you control.
  • Filter & Edit: Make your photos and videos better with premium filters and editing tools made for mobile.
  • Get Feedback: Get more than just a like. Friends and family can react to your posts with emotions (smiles, laughs, gasps, frowns, and loves), stickers, comments and more.
  • Search: Quickly and easily search all of your memories, and your friends’ memories, by keyword, season, weather, dates, people, places, and more.
  • Cross-Post: Post everywhere, all-in-one app: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, and even WordPress.
  • Privacy: Control everything. Every friend. Every post.
  • Friend Requests: Control who can see your Path with simple friend requests.
  • Inner Circle: Choose a single list of people to unlock special privacy functionality: Filter your feed, filter your notifications, and most importantly share your most intimate moments only with your Inner Circle.
  • Private Sharing: Control who can see any post on a post-by-post basis.
  • Shop: Personalize your Path experience with premium stickers and premium filters.
  • Premium: Take your Path experience to the next level. Upgrade to Path Premium and get exclusive benefits including unlimited sticker packs, unlimited filters, and early access to new Shop items. Plus, you’ll be joining the movement to keep our personal lives private and ad-free.

What’s New in Version 3.4

  • Path for iOS7 is here! We’re excited to share an updated design and performance improvements.
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