Spora aktualizacja Twitteriffic 5 dostępna w AppStore

Ta wiadomość ucieszy wszystkie osoby korzystające z aplikacji Twitteriffic 5.  Kilkanaście minut temu w App Store pojawiła się nowa wersja apki.

Twitteriffic 5 to aplikacja służąca do obsługi Twittera na naszych iUrządzeniach. W wersji oznaczonej numerek 5.12 zmian jest całkiem sporo. Pierwszą i zarazem najważniejszą jest dodatnie wsparcia dla Quoted Tweets. Ponadto zmieniono wygląd banerów, dodano możliwość odpowiadania (emoji i tekst) w Apple Watch. Poprawiono oczywiście także błędy występujące w poprzedniej wersji aplikacji. Poniżej umieszczam pełną listę zmian w języku angielskim.


Co nowego w wersji 5.12


Full support for Quoted Tweets
– Tap and hold on the RT button to quote a tweet
– Preview quoted tweets in your timeline, tap to view them

• Settings option to display tab bar at the bottom of the screen (iPhone only)
– An additional customizable nav bar slot is displayed at bottom

• Tapping the currently-selected tab toggles between:
– The marker position and the top of the timeline
– If no marker is available, timeline will scroll to the most recent Load More gap

• New tab bar option – My Tweets (tap and hold to set)
– Displays a timeline of your own recent tweets

• Added URL scheme for sharing and importing muffles
– Tap and hold on a term in your muffle list to share with others
– Import by tapping on a shared muffle rule URL

• Redesigned in-app notification banners for greater visibility
– Swipe downward on any notification to quickly dismiss
– Only notifications for your current account are displayed
– Tap any notification to view additional information

Apple Watch: Added emoji and quick replies
– Enabled from the options screen in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone


• Increased the number of tweets loaded when tapping the Load More button
• Selecting a tweet refreshes its current Fav/RT count
• Added support for creating muffle rules in search and user timelines
• Additional checks to prevent unrequested redirects from the in-app browser
• Streamlined activation process for push notifications

Apple Watch: Various UI tweaks and refinements
– Increased button hit target sizes
– Improved use of text wrapping
– Increased contrast

Apple Watch: Various performance enhancements
– Glance view loading times decreased
– Automatic dismissal after posting a tweet successfully
– Improved Voiceover labels on record and post buttons


• Imgur links are no longer broken
• Links to custom Twitter timelines now open in the browser
• Fixed some cases where the wrong smart quote was being used
• Fixed a crash when opening the photo attachment sheet
• Fixed an issue with reinserting URLs when deleting and editing a tweet
• Fixed issues when emailing tweets containing HTML
• Fixed various visual glitches in the timeline

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