Spora aktualizacja Twitteriffic 5 dostępna w AppStore

Ta wiadomość ucieszy wszystkie osoby korzystające z aplikacji Twitteriffic 5.  Kilkanaście minut temu w App Store pojawiła się nowa wersja apki.

Twitteriffic 5 to aplikacja służąca do obsługi Twittera na naszych iUrządzeniach. W wersji oznaczonej numerek 5.14 zmian jest całkiem sporo. Pierwszą i zarazem najważniejszą jest dodatnie wsparcia dla iOS 9.2+, a także dla WatchOS 2. Ponadto pojawił się również nowy dział „Today”, a także opcja Unified timeline.  Poprawiono oczywiście także błędy występujące w poprzedniej wersji aplikacji. Poniżej umieszczam pełną listę zmian w języku angielskim.


Co nowego w wersji 5.14

  • In accordance with Twitter’s new guidelines, „favorites” are now „likes”
  • Unified timeline no longer includes direct messages
  • Requires iOS 9.2+
  • Watch app requires watchOS 2+


  • All new redesigned Today view:
  • See likes, retweets, follows, and quotes all in one place
  • Configure the display to show any combination by toggling each type of event on or off
  • Long press a toggle button to switch between showing all events or just the events of that type
  • Sort the view by recent events or your most popular tweets
  • 3D Touch events to get a quick preview, or tap them to jump straight to the relevant tweet or profile
  • Refined profile view includes a selection of photos and thumbnails for recently posted media by the account


  • Tab bar supports 5 buttons on iPad, and on iPhone when on the bottom or in landscape
  • The tab bar can be set to the bottom in portrait on the iPad (formerly only an option on iPhone)
  • Sidebar button shows an unread badge when there are unread direct messages
  • Added „Open In Firefox” to share sheets for links and as a browser option (appears if Firefox is installed)
  • Improved streaming reliability
  • Streaming automatically connect when you join a wifi network while the app is open
  • Added „Share” to the options menu for tweets (same as long pressing on a tweet)
  •  More robust network error handling and automatic retry logic
  • Improved the transition between popups and Safari View Controller
  • Added URL schemes to clear all muffle rules and the cache
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Variety of performance enhancements


  • Fixed several visual glitches with the refresh control
  • Fixed bug causing dismissed photos to animate in slow motion
  • Fixed issue causing the keyboard to appear while taking a photo
  • Fixed freeze when dismissing images while the status bar was double-height (such as during a call)
  • Fixed the incorrect size of the suggestion bar when composing tweets
  • Fixed bug that delayed automatic switching of day/night themes
  • Fixed failures when uploading a new avatar image
  • Fixed the cropping tool when editing a new avatar on iPad
  • Fixed layout of tweet divider lines and timeline marker on iPad
  • Fixed an intermittent issue preventing access to VoiceOver actions on tweets
  • Fixed several layout issues in small thumbnail mode
  • Fixed avatars and usernames from disappearing on like/retweet notifications on the Apple Watch
  • Fixed incorrect size of compose window when replying to a tweet from within a popup on iPad
  • Fixed layout bugs with quoted tweets
  • Fixed issue that kept data from being purged from the cache
  • Fixed several sources of crashes
Twitterrific 5 for Twitter
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