Tweetbot na maca zaktualizowany

Tweetbot, czyli najlepszy klient Twittera na maca został zaktualizowany do wersji 1.4.
Lista zmian poniżej:

  • Smoother Scrolling (10.9 only)
  • You can now reply to tweets/DMs from the notification itself (10.9 only)
  • Lists and saved searches now refresh every 2 minutes instead of 4
  • Fixed the issue where you’d see ‚Please enable wifi’ when fetching your location while composing a tweet
  • Fixed the issue where searching your timeline, then scrolling to top then dismissing search field could move your timeline to the top
  • Fixed a potential issue where app could hang when using secondary windows
  • Fixed a few issues on 10.7
  • Various bug fixes and improvements for 10.9
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