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Właśnie pojawiła się aktualizacja jednej, z niestety, częściej wybieranych aplikacji do obsługi Twittera. Dobrze jednak, że coś się z nią dzieje – przedtem aktualizacje wychodziły na prawdę rzadko.


  • Connect with people and your interests to get unfiltered access and unique behind-the-scenes perspectives.
  • Express yourself with photos, videos and comments.
  • Discover what’s happening. Get real-time stories, pictures, videos, conversations, ideas, and inspiration all in your timeline.

What’s New In This Version:

This release includes enhancements to Tweet replies and the photo viewer.

  • Click on a Tweet and reply with a photo by selecting the gallery icon.
  • Easily mention other users when you Tweet a photo.
  • Improvements to the photo cropping and image rotation.
  • Various improvements to the photo viewer.
  • Users with login verification enabled no longer need temporary passwords to log in to their device.
  • When you’ve read all the latest Tweets, pull to refresh and see recommendations for new content on Twitter.
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