Twitteriffic 5 z pełną obsługą 3D Touch już w AppStore

Ta wiadomość ucieszy wszystkie osoby korzystające z aplikacji Twitteriffic 5 na iPhone 6s i 6s Plus.  Wczoraj w App Store pojawiła się nowa wersja apki z pełną obsługą 3D Touch.

Twitteriffic 5 to aplikacja służąca do obsługi Twittera na naszych iUrządzeniach. W wersji oznaczonej numerek 5.13.3 zmian jest całkiem sporo, ale najważniejszą z nich jest dodanie pełnego wsparcia dla 3D Touch. Zatem od teraz przegląd profili, linków i innych rzeczy można robić bez konieczności otwierania domyślnej przeglądarki, tylko za pomocą 3D Touch.



Oficjalna lista zmian:


  • 3D Touch for tweets – peek at links, profiles, and thumbnails (iPhone 6s and 6s+)
  • 3D Touch shortcuts – quickly compose a new tweet or jump to a specific account from your home screen (iPhone 6s and 6s+)
  • Automatically loads more tweets to fill gaps in your timelines
  • Setting to always open the in-app web browser in reader mode


  • Swipe from screen edge to dismiss the in-app browser – even on iOS 9+
  • New zooming transition when tapping on a thumbnail
  • Added menu option to easily quote your own tweets
  • The 2 (or 3) finger vertical account switch gesture no longer conflicts with scrolling or iPad multitasking gestures
  • Periodically downloads all blocked users for an account and filters timelines accordingly
  • Popup and media views now blur the background instead of just dimming it, including animation during transitions
  • Tapping the title of most timelines scrolls to the marker or the top even when in landscape on iPhone
  • Saving/Removing searches is now done using a toggle button in the header
  • Accessing a list’s options is now done using a settings button in the header
  • Swipe to delete saved searches from the sidebar
  • Reduced data usage and latency when fetching thumbnails for Instagram, Deviantart, Flickr, Kickstarter, YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, and Dailymotion
  • Added thumbnails for Rdio, College Humor, Funny or Die, Ted, Vine, and Hulu
  • Accessibility: Clearing cache and deleting users in the account picker should now be accessible
  • Performance improvements


  • Fixed a bug that resulted in tweets getting lost after tapping send
  • Fixed text entry in the search field when using right-to-left languages
  • Saving and deleting searches updates the sidebar immediately
  • Clearing the cache no longer disables push notifications for the account
  • Fixed layout when viewing multiple photos in split screen on iPad
  • Fixed a bug that could mangle URLs when sharing tweets via email
  • Adding muffle rules via links in tweets now works from anywhere in the app
  • Corrected pluralization issues for users that only followed a single account
  • Long-pressing in the account picker no longer conflicts with 3D Touch
  • The indicator when loading images is now correctly centered
  • Fixed issues that could cause actions initiated from a notification to be ignored
  • Launching Twitterrific from a URL scheme should more reliably perform the requested action

Aktualizacja dostępna jest w App Store za darmo.

Twitterrific 5 for Twitter
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