Co Apple dało pracownikom na prezent świąteczny?

Jak co roku, z okazji zbliżających się świąt, Apple podarowało swoim pracownikom miły prezent. W tym roku pracownicy otrzymali…

W tym roku pracownicy giganta z Cupertino otrzymali czarny plecak marki Incase. Cena plecaka na stronie goincase.com to $59,95.


This is our gift to you.
But it can never compare to what you’ve given.

What does it take to give a gift?
It takes thoughtfulness. Compassion.
And sometimes, sacrifice of your time,
your talent, and your heart,

These are the gifts you give:
kindness, knowledge, humor, and patience.
You give them when you cover for a teammate,
so they can go on a much-deserved break.
When you send an email recognizing a job
well done. Or when you grab an extra coffee
for a friend before you clock in.

You give these gifts whether it’s the beginning
of the season, or the end of a very long day.
You do it over, and over, and over again.

Amazing products are designed in Cupertino.
Amazing moments are made by you.
These moments are your gift this
holiday season — to your customers,
to your team, and to the world.

Thank you.

W poprzednich latach pracownicy otrzymali między innymi swetry, koce, czy darmowe aplikacje.

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