iOS 11 beta 9 dostępna

Dość niespodziewanie i zaledwie trzy dni po udostępnieniu iOS 11 beta 8, właśnie Apple udostępniło deweloperom dziewiątą już betę najnowszego iOS.

Wszystkie zmiany jakie zauważyliśmy w stosunku do poprzedniej bety znajdziecie poniżej.

Lista zmian:

  • poprawki błędów

Najprawdopodobniej dziewiąta beta iOS 11 skupia się jedynie na poprawkach błędów, ale oczywiście gdy podczas przeglądania systemu znajdę coś o czym warto wspomnieć, to dopiszę to do powyższej listy.

Wielkość aktualizacji na naszym iPhone 7 Plus to około 41MB.

Jeśli nie wiesz co nowego zostało dodane w poprzednich betach iOS 11 to zapraszamy do poniższych wpisów:

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    New Features

    • AddedAVRoutePickerViewtotheAVKitframeworkandAVRouteDetectortothe AVFoundation framework for enabling users to choose the route for playing content when multiple routes are available. Use AVRouteDetector to determine if multiple routes are available when route detection is enabled. If multiple routes are available, use AVRoutePickerView to present an interface for the user to choose the routes.

    Known Issues

    • Updating from iOS 11 beta 5 to beta 6 or later may stall indefinitely. If the progress bar on the Settings > General > Software Update pane stays full for more than a few seconds without showing the Install dialog, use the workaround below.

    Workaround: Follow these steps to delete the software update and then reinstall the new beta:

    1. Open Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

    2. Select the iOS 11 Developer Seed causing the error and press Delete.

    3. Open Settings > General > Software Update and download the the update.

    Important: Stay on the Software Update pane until the update is ready to install.

    4. When prompted, install the update.

    • To revert an earlier iOS, follow the instructions shown on the apple support site: https://support.apple.com/k….

    32-bit Apps

    Resolved Issues

    • Selecting Learn More from the prompt after tapping an already installed 32-bit app now opens the Settings App. (32340711)

    • Syncing 32-bit apps via iTunes now behaves as expected. (32356790)

    Known Issues

    • iOS apps may target iOS 10 or earlier to continue including a 32-bit slice. (31597913)


    • 32-bit apps will not run on future betas of iOS 11. (26402174)

    3D Touch

    Resolved Issues

    • Using 3D Touch with data detectors (phone numbers, addresses, and so on) now works correctly. (30504832)

    3rd Party Apps

    Resolved Issues

    • Airplay now works as expected in third-party apps. (32819077)

    • KakaoTalk no longer crashes on launch or after typing. (32320793)

    • SlingTV now plays back audio and video as expected. (32649488)

    • Kindle books now sync as expected. (30878446)

    • Facebook Messenger now launches when the Facebook app is not installed.

    • The video playback controls in Amazon Video should now work correctly. (32056010)

    • Navigation bars should now look correct. (32076094)

    • Tencent Video should no longer crash on launch. (32343324)

    • Third-party keyboards should now work if not allowed full access. (32494032)

    • The audio should no longer drop during Skype calls. (32434672)

    • VSCO no longer displays an error when importing photos that have been recently taken. (32582234)

    • Citi Mobile no longer crashes on launch. (31336493)

    • Users can now log in to Pinterest using their email address. (31866166)

    • DirectTV no longer crashes on launch. (29533442)

    Known Issues

    • Audiobus 3 may crash on launch. (33764353)

    • MobileIron Mobile@Work may crash on launch. (31929650)

    • Tweetbot may not be able to post tweets containing photos that have been recently taken. (32569113)

    • Square Cash may crash on or shortly after launch. (30926902)


    Resolved Issues

    • Tapping the AirPlay button in videos that are not full screen now works correctly. (33331364)

    Android Migration

    Resolved Issues

    • Migrating from your Android phone now works correctly. (31816854)

    App Analytics

    Resolved Issues

    • Non product page view impressions are now captured correctly. (31561060)

    App Icons

    Resolved Issues

    • After restoring a device from an iTunes backup, app icons on the Home screen no longer appear white. (32303701)

    • The prompt that appears while changing an icon now displays the alternative app icon image instead of a placeholder. (32165847)

    App Store

    Resolved Issues

    • After restoring from an iTunes backup, previously offloaded apps now appear on the Home screen. (31968368)

    • Promoted in-app purchases now use the developer-specified sort order. (30877083)

    • Attempting to run TestFlight without an active AppStore Apple ID no longer results in a login failure. (32230818)

    • Apps over 100 MB should no longer download over Cellular connection after acknowledging the warning prompt. (32235051)

    • Launching the App Store no longer stops other audio. (32043325)

    Known Issues

    • Restoring from an iTunes backup containing an offloaded app which is also present in the iTunes library installs the offloaded app and then re-installs it from the App Store. This can result in the restored backup taking more space on your device than the size of the backup. (31461664)

    Workaround: After the restore completes, offload the app.

    Apple ID

    Resolved Issues

    • Accounts using a phone number as the Apple ID are now able to create an Apple ID for a child family member. (32130392)

    Known Issues

    • Some accounts using a phone number as the Apple ID may be unable to add certain payment types. (31677442)

    Apple Pay

    Resolved Issues

    • ApplePaySession.canMakePaymentsWithActiveCard no longer returns false when the merchant identifier is valid and appropriate payment methods are available. (32613797)


    Known Issues

    • ContinuingfromabreakpointwhiledebugginganARSessionmayresultinVIObreaking. Any visual objects placed in the world/anchor are not visible. (31561202)


    Resolved Issues

    • ThecameraCalibrationDatapropertyofAVCapturePhotonolongerreturnsnil when cameraCalibrationDataDeliveryEnabled is set to true. (32209427)

    • ThevaluesofthelensDistortionLookupTableand inverseLensDistortionLookupTable properties of AVCameraCalibrationData are now centered properly. The 0 value represents no elongation or shrinkage. (32339695)

    • TheCGImageRepresentationandpreviewCGImageRepresentationmethodsof AVCapturePhoto now return the correct values. For more information, see the documentation. (31392054)

    • AVCapturePhoto now returns the correct result when accessing the fileDataRepresentation property of an uncompressed buffer (420f/420v/BGRA), instead of a TIFF file format representation. (31902960)

    Known Issues

    • Still capture requests fail and the video stream stops producing a buffer when using the 720p30 video format with the depthDataDeliveryEnabled property of AVCapturePhotoSettings set to true. (32060882)

    • Depthvaluesinthenondefault160x120and160x90depthdataformatsarehalfofthe expected values, and disparity values are twice the expected value. (32363942)


    New Features

    • TheCBManagerStatePoweredOffvalueofCBManagerStatenowindicatesboth when Bluetooth is powered off in Settings and when the user has limited Bluetooth in the Control Center for use only by Apple Watch and Apple Pencil. (33226095)

    Resolved Issues

    • Connection issues for Bluetooth accessories using Wireless iAP protocol are now more reliable. (31439542)

    • Full functionality for the LE L2CAP channel feature is now available. (32493297)


    Resolved Issues

    • Buttons for Day, Week, Month, and Year now trigger on the first tap. (31883496) • Dragging an item into Calendar now behaves correctly. (33039833)


    Resolved Issues

    • Users should no longer get an error message when selecting Don’t Reply after reading a message in CarPlay. (32099700)


    Known Issues

    • Shared iPad users with complex passcodes cannot log in by tapping their icon in a class list. (30567424)

    Workaround: Tap Other Users and enter your Managed Apple ID and password.


    Known Issues

    • CloudKit does not support unsigned long long values with the high-order bit set. (30567424)

    • ApplicationsthatuseCKModifyRecordsOperationshouldspecifyanappropriate value for CKModifyRecordsOperation.isAtomic. If your client is compiled against watchOS 4, operations enqueued against the default CKRecordZone have new behavior because atomic is true by default. If the operation hits a „preflight” failure (most commonly, a network issue uploading a CKAsset, or a malformed CKRecord), the entire operation is canceled. (30838858)


    Resolved Issues

    • Connecting to a cellular network after restarting or powering on a device now works correctly. (32727321)

    • Activating a Sprint Cellular data plan on iPad now works correctly. (32600925)

    • Reader mode utilizing NFC now works correctly on supported devices. (32721033)

    Known Issues

    • iPad prepaid data plan purchases made on the device may fail on a cellular connection.

    Workaround: Purchase the data plan while connected to Wi-Fi. Control Center

    New Features

    • Tapping the Wi-Fi button in Control Center now disconnects from the current network and temporarily disables Wi-Fi networking. (32299242)

    Resolved Issues

    • The expanded Wi-Fi UI in Control Center now updates the network name when transitioning between networks. (32280116)

    • The Bluetooth button behavior in Control Center now mirrors that of the Wi-Fi control. (32300000)

    Core Spotlight

    Resolved Issues

    • Indexer file dragging no longer fails for both package file types or for files whose URL doesn’t have a matching absoluteString and path. (32354867)

    Do Not Disturb

    Resolved Issues

    • Do Not Disturb While Driving is enabled starting with beta 2. (32232545)


    Known Issues

    • Storing data to a non default event store in EventKit may not work. (31335830)


    Resolved Issues

    • FaceTime Live Photos is now enabled by default. (33322822)

    Family Sharing

    Resolved Issues

    • If payment verification is required after the purchase of an Apple Music family membership, Family setup now launches as expected. (32056496)

    • Pending invitations now show in Family Sharing settings. (32602074)

    • After sharing iCloud storage with family members, the confirmation screen now closes. (32458127)

    • Sharing your location with family members now turns on location sharing. (32746961)

    • When creating an Apple ID for a child, the Terms & Conditions acceptance screen no longer freezes. (32365952)

    Files App

    Resolved Issues

    • The Files app can now display a QuickLook for an iWork document. (32353448)

    • Quicklook thumbnails provided by QuickLook thumbnail extensions for custom UTI types now show the appropriate thumbnail. (32354934)

    • VoiceOver now interacts correctly with Done, List, and Share buttons when VoiceOver is enabled and a user opens any document in the Recents tab. (32362561)

    Known Issues

    • In Simulator, documents saved in Local Storage won’t load again through the Document Browser. (32947101)


    Resolved Issues

    • Reads and writes on a secure connection that uses the new authenticating HTTPS proxy feature of URLSessionStreamTask now work correctly. (31916868)

    • ThefractionCompletedpropertyoftheProgressobjectreturnedby NSItemProvider now advances in proportion to the data provider’s progress. (32385051)

    Known Issues

    • ClientsofNSURLSessionStreamTaskthatuseanon-secureconnectionfailtoconnect when an error occurs during PAC file evaluation and the system is configured for either Web Proxy Auto Discovery (WPAD) or Proxy Automatic Configuration (PAC). A PAC evaluation failure can occur when the PAC file contains invalid JavaScript or the HTTP host serving the PAC file is unreachable. (33609198)

    Workaround: Use startSecureConnection to establish a secure connection.

    • Topreservebackwardscompatibility,iOS11beta3removedtheNSURLSessionempty string behavior for suppressing the sending of HTTP headers that was introduced in beta 2. (32959604)

    • IniOS11beta2andlater,NSURLSessionandNSURLConnectionmaynottoload URLs if the system is configured with certain PAC files. PAC files are JavaScript files that specify the HTTP proxies used for accessing the Internet, and are configured in Settings > Wi-Fi. (32883776)

    Workaround: Set “HTTP Proxy: Configure Proxy” to “Off” for Wi-Fi network.

    • ThesuggestedNamepropertyofNSItemProviderisnotusedwhenanNSData representation is requested as an open-in-place file. Instead, a temporary file name is used. (32342544)

    • ThevisibilityparameterinNSItemProviderisnotenforced.Allrepresentations are visible to all processes. (32233127)

    • SupportforusingtheStringandURLtypeswithNSItemProviderisabsentinthis beta. (32138540)

    Workaround: Substitute String and URL with a different type.

    • preferredPresentationSize is not available in this beta. (32501502)


    Resolved Issues

    • Performing a forced refresh on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus no longer results in an unexpected pop or sound. (32635793)

    Health app

    Known Issues

    • Favorites added to the Health app in iOS 11 beta 4 or earlier are no longer available. Favorites added prior to iOS 11 have been restored. (30774300)

    Workaround: Add new favorites to the Health App using iOS 11 beta 5 or later.


    Resolved Issues

    • Attempting to finish a workout route when no location data is inserted no longer throws an exception. (32307523)


    Resolved Issues

    • Siri now recognizes a HomeKit setup in devices upgraded to iOS 11 beta. (32338077)

    • When multiple home hubs are configured, reading from or writing to Bluetooth accessories now works correctly. (32578105)


    Resolved Issues

    • Dropping PDFs and books into iBooks now works correctly. (32328715)

    • Audiobooks now appear in the library after purchasing or after downloading again. (32150156)

    • After deleting a book purchased from the store, subsequent download attempts now work as expected. (32775084)

    • iBooks will no longer freeze when adding or removing a bookmark in a PDF document. (32625432)


    Resolved Issues

    • After restoring from an iTunes backup, users are now able to authenticate iCloud credentials during setup. (32721872)

    • When restoring from iCloud Backup in Setup Assistant, you should now see the correct list of backups. (31739878)

    • Some services should now sync correctly on initial iCloud login. (32407057)

    • Device Enrollment Program iPads now support iCloud backups. (32027587)


    Resolved Issues

    • When installing the beta, users with separate iTunes and iCloud accounts are no longer logged out from their iTunes account. (32228993)

    Known Issues

    • In some cases when restoring from an iTunes backup, app icons and names may be missing until app sync and installation is complete. (32543667)


    New Features

    • Added a new Arabic keyboard for the Najdi dialect. (29187663)

    Resolved Issues

    • Changes to the keyboard state such as changing the keyboard type from one-handed to emoji, now persist. (33092873)

    Managed Devices

    Resolved Issues

    • Apps installed by MDM are no longer stuck in waiting after restoring from a backup. (32267165)

    • Unenrolled Managed Devices no longer reinstall MDM apps upon restore. (32387929)


    Resolved Issues

    • Siri is now able to get directions with Maps when Do Not Disturb While Driving is active. (32273986)