Apka 1Password nareszcie dostosowana do iOS 7!

Jeden z najlepszych programów do przechowywania haseł na iOS, Mac, jak i na inne platformy właśnie został zaktualizowany.

Mowa oczywiście o programie 1Password, który przed chwilą został uaktualniony i jest teraz w pełni dostosowany do nowego wyglądu iOS 7. Lista zmian jest naprawdę bardzo pokaźna.

Co nowego w wersji 4.5

1Password – The Reimagined Edition

  • This ain’t just a new paint job and an air freshener. We rebuilt 1Password for speed and productivity, adding some of our best and most-requested features—all as a free update to existing version 4 owners.
  • Note: iOS apps don’t actually support air fresheners (yet?).
  • By very, very popular demand, Search is now always accessible at the top of the Categories tab and each main category (Logins, Secure Notes, etc.).
  • AirDrop – Share items more conveniently, face-to-face.
  • Our sharing menu is now a good iOS 7 citizen.
  • iPhone item details for viewing and editing items are now 75-90% more viewtiful and edible. Wait, editable. Yeah.
  • Nothing says “reimagined” like a brand new app icon.

Multiple & Shared Vault support

  • If you create multiple vaults with 1Password 4 for Mac (Windows coming soon!), you can now add them to 1Password for iOS and switch between them in Settings. Great for securely sharing items with coworkers or family, or simply for your own organization!
  • Demo Mode is dead, long live the new Demo Vault – We moved our popular Demo Mode feature to Settings > Vaults. You can add demo information as a secondary vault to show off 1Password to your friends without showing them all your personal information.
  • Multiple Dropbox accounts – Have more than one Dropbox account? Great! You can now sync vaults shared via different Dropbox accounts.

1Browser is better than ever

  • Our built-in browser is faster and more powerful, making it even easier to login, checkout, and fill forms with a single tap. Plus, the list of apps that support 1Password now includes everything from newsreaders, to finance managers, and even a beer diary!
  • One AutoFill to rule them all – Logins, Identities, and Credit Cards are all under the same button in 1Browser, similar to 1Password mini on the Mac!
  • 1Browser now prompts the user to allow it to open non-http and non-https URLs, such as FaceTime call prompts.
  • Swipe it to the left, swipe it to the right. *Ahem*, to go back and forward in 1Browser, that is.
  • The 1Browser tab view got a facelift.
  • Awesome Little Circular Progress Indicator in 1Browser – For your page loading pleasure.

Keep It Together

  • Now supporting custom item images added via 1Password 4 for Mac.
  • Improvements and bug fixes in WiFi sync.
  • The iPhone might get bigger soon, but the size of your data file sure isn’t! In fact, we made it much smaller, which makes sync much faster.

Get Organized

  • The ‘Folders’ tab on iPhone is now called ‘Organize’ because…
  • Tags join the party – Any tags you add to items in 1Password for Mac and Windows now appear next to your folders on iOS! Tag on.


  • Si vostè està llegint aquest missatge, significa 1Password ha estat traduïda al català! (localization for our Catalan customers!)
  • Speaking of languages, you can now change 1Password’s language settings in-app.


  • New user setup process is new – We made it even easier and clearer to get started with 1Password.
  • For those upgrading from 1Password 3 for iOS, the import process is much improved.
  • 1Password is now 34% smaller – if you’ve been short 8.6MB of space on your device, we got you covered!

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